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GM Incentives to Take Advantage Of!

It is one thing to find a new car, but it is another to have a little incentive along with it. Here at Vaden of Beaufort, we know we have the perfect new car or SUV or Truck for you, which is why we have incentives lined up for several of our new Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles to help you finally get into that new GMC, Chevy or Buick you have had your eye on for so long.

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Torque vs Horsepower - What's the Difference?

When reading over vehicle specs, you notice the performance stats including number values for horsepower and torque. These two numbers represent similar but slightly different power totals. While horsepower has to do with the total amount of work the engine can perform, torque refers to the available power the wheels receive from the engine. As you know, the low gear on a car's transmission is excellent for getting the vehicle rolling, especially when it…

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Summer Car Care List

Your car was engineered to run properly in any weather condition including extremely hot outdoor temperatures. However, proper maintenance, especially preventative maintenance, ensures that your vehicle will perform at peak level when the temperature starts to soar. Many of the problems car owners encounter, such as overheating of the cooling system, brake failure, and tire blowouts, are caused by elevated temperatures. During the hot summer months, it is extremely important to keep an eye on…

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Top 5 Online Tools for Car Research

Best Online Tools for Car Research

The internet has made it easier than ever to the perfect vehicle to address your specific needs. You can use the valuable information to decide which cars actually deserve a test drive. When it comes time to visit Vaden of Beaufort, all of the most important legwork will already be done. Here are the top five online tools for car research.

Consumer Reports Comparison Tool

Nothing beats being able…

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5 Common Car Care Mistakes

Not Maintaining a Service Schedule

Not only is a well-kept vehicle less likely to breakdown, but it also benefits from a higher resale value. Failing to properly maintain your car will definitely ruin its reliability. In order for any vehicle to last for a long time, it must be serviced at the recommended intervals. All of the required maintenance is highlighted in your owner’s manual.

Not Checking Fluids on Regular Basis

Some drivers never…

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Buick Maintenance Tips

Each year, Buick is among the top automakers in terms of overall owner satisfaction. This proves that Buick places a major emphasis on producing dependable and long-lasting vehicles. However, your vehicle must receive the required maintenance in order to deliver a trouble-free performance. Servicing your ride at the recommended intervals will definitely help prevent a breakdown. 

Oil Change
Not only does the motor oil lubricate your engine, but it also helps keep the internal parts clean. Unsurprisingly, changing your motor oil on a regular basis will extend the life of your engine. Modern Buick vehicles come equipped with an oil…
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Buying vs Leasing

There are many factors that go into deciding between a loan and a lease. Some factors are personal while others are financial. Your credit rating, your lifestyle, and your personality may all play a role in shaping your decision.

What is a lease?
The trend toward car leasing has spread in popularity from luxury vehicles to affordable ones. The driver essentially rents the car for an extended period of time. Three-year leases have become common, although longer ones may be available. The mileage cap is generally 12,000 miles per year or 36,000 miles over a three-year lease. The…
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